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Scaling internationally is a tough project, but we will offer the first steps for understanding the process of going global. Our meetups, masterminds and economic missions are designed for Romanian entrepreneurs and managers who are in the initial phase of internationalization process. Going from local to international, or when you target a specific new market and want to prepare well.

Claudiu Vrinceanu

Co-Founder ScaleOut Romania

Claudiu Vrinceanu is a communication and investment consultant with experience in administration media and business.

He acts as a PR, Public Affairs and investment specialist for Romanian entrepreneurs and foreign companies.

Gabriel Istoc

Entrepreneur and Leader of ScaleOut Romania

Gabriel Istoc is a Romanian entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in key management positions in commercial, construction, anti-corrosion and renewable energy companies.

Daniela Apolozan


Daniela is the CEO of DocProcess, a Romanian digital solutions scaleup with two offices in France: one

in Paris and a research and development (R&D) centre in Grenoble.

Iulian Stanciu

Entrepreneur and Supporter of ScaleOut Romania

Iulian has joined eMAG in 2009, becoming the CEO. In the past two years he transformed eMAG into a regional player opening operations in Bulgaria and Hungary and in Poland.

Andrei Brad


Andrei is the geek (National Maths and Physics teams) who dreamed of becoming an AI graduate and later became an experienced manager and entrepreneur. When someone asked him when he was young what he wants to do in life, he always indicated computers and he has programmed his first game in 1989 on a Sinclair Spectrum 128K. He started his first company in 2001.

Victor Visan


Victor Visan is an ambitious entrepreneur with skills in online marketing and international expansion using online/offline mix. He founded FormTex Display Systems, the ideal way to showcase for brands or products at events and tradeshows.

Sorin Axinte

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of ScaleOut Romania

Tinkerer and entrepreneur, Sorin Axinte is a founding member of Romanian Business Leaders Foundation. Specialized in branding, marketing, integrated communication, advertising, with a solid understanding of business strategy, markets and consumers.

Sorin Moldoveanu


Sorin Moldoveanu is the founder of Sir Ludovic suit maker. He has experience in the fashion design, tailoring, personal branding consultancy and made to measure clothes market, with a high entrepreneurship perspective of growth and development.

Stefan Marogel


Stefan Marogel is passionate about making things happen and concentrates on empowering our clients, so that their businesses reach the next level in their journey, through workflow automation solutions for their business processes.

ScaleOut Meetups

Our Meetups are for founders startups and scaleups considering expanding to new markets. You will be introduced to a structured methodology for going global. You fill learn from real-life case studies from Romanian Business Leaders community. During our meetups, you will learn first hand from experienced founders and managers about common internationalisation lessons. You will learn different international strategies and their applicability to your firm.

ScaleOut Romania

ScaleOut Club is a community formed by bold entrepreneurs and managers who are thinking global and working on expanding into a market abroad. The main goal of ScaleOut Club is to create a meeting point among ambitious scaleups and the most promising startups founded in Romania.


ScaleOut Romania


Our program enables Romanian startups to scale in one specific foreign country via a hands-on, structured accelerator based on our network of experts.

Our program enables Romanian firms to scale in one specific foreign country via a hands-on, structured accelerator based on our network of experts.