Let’s analyse a study of the ScaleOut program, “The Romanian Startup and Scaleup Tech Ecosystem Impact Report and COVID-19”, which identifies the effects generated by the spread of COVID-19 virus on the Romanian tech ecosystem. Based on responses of more than 100 founders of tech companies, the influence of COVID-19 on the activity of startup and scaleup companies is clear: 36.7% of the found-ers interviewed have already seen negative developments and changes in the business, and 40.4% es-timate that they will have effects on the short and medium term development. The study shows that only 38.5% of the Romanian founders of startup tech companies will reduce the labor costs due to Covid-19.

As solutions for the future, the government has the levers needed to be with tech companies, but the founders of tech companies will be able to recover and grow faster on their own and, of course, with in-vestor support (venture capital funds, business angels , crowdfunding platforms), plus the support of business communities.

Business communities, business accelerators and education will become even more important for man-agers and entrepreneurs in the next, post-Covid-19 period. In the context of an imminent economic cri-sis, the health of Romanian companies will worsen, but the internationalisation, the “Born Global” mental-ity and the exports will become more relevant than ever. What will happen when the current situation ends? We will continue to have the weaker national currency than ever before, with a huge gap in our economy and many business opportunities. Those who will plant the seeds of internationalisation in the coming year will protect their companies for future uncertain periods!